Bruno Peeters

M.Sc. Bruno Peeters works on a secondment basis within the field of high-tech automation in the Eindhoven area. He has worked on very different projects, both technical speaking as the size of the projects. He fulfilled roles as software designer, technical lead and architect.

Bruno graduated at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Due do the experience of working with very different techniques and methods, makes him a person who can fulfil any type of project. His main focus is within the field of software design (design patterns, software architecture) and C#.

His main goal: help companies with his knowledge to bring their complex technical products to the market on time with a high quality. Due to his eagerness to learn, he tries continuously improve his knowledge. Customers appreciate his passion for the job and the speed he acquire new knowledge

Bruno maintains a blog, where he posts issues he discovers during his daily job.

Besides technique he is interested in self improvement. Key persons here are Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and Stephen Covey. With their philosophies he tries to improve himself on a daily basis.